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What is particulary irritating is that TWC’s tech didn’t know anything about the problem having never heard of it happening, hence my call to Samsung. That is not the case here. To determine if this TV Set-Top is available in your area contact your local service provider:. Finally at the third location the clerk said she had one, success! A friend of mine recently purchased one of the new HD Tivo units and it’s extremely well-designed and user friendly. Once the box finishes restarting, you will have to press the power button to use the device.

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With a LOT of fussing I was able to remove it. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

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Your participation helps us to help others. This could be helpful in gaining shell access to the device. That is not the case here. The mainboard uses all sold state capacitors. Once this is done we will have eliminated some of the guess work with the esata driver etc.

Occasionally, the second method is the only thing that works if the device is completely locked up. And it’s not a simple cable box, it’s a DVR. Please post in the comments if you have success using this method with other devices. This was a very nice surprise to find. Odd sounds like Windows being its usual screwy self. 8300hcd


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You many have to go into your bios and set your SATA to comparability mode to get it to detect properly in minixp im guessing how you have it set windoows is with an esata cable and not a usb cable.

Posted November 25, by David Kirk in Technology reviews. Control to stop, pause and fast-forward live television.

The rear composite video input line 1 on the Sony will not. Posted November 28, edited. They learn about it in “Screw the Customer U. Each recording creates four files. A friend of mine recently purchased one of the new HD Tivo units and it’s extremely well-designed and user friendly.

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Any recommendations as to a program that would allow me to find this disk and read it would be greatly appreciated. They took it upon themselves to develop their own firmware program on the cheap the way they do everything and as a result it is full of bugs. These directions have been tested on cable box versions, and There must be some kind of HDCP handshake problem between these two devices.


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What is 8300bdc is that the TV is telling the box what kind of signal it is looking for, so the TV is doing nothing abnormal. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

iwndows Our DVR set-tops put you in control. I’ll wait to see what you come up with. If I use Component Video, the resolution doesn’t change each time.

Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC Resolution change in HDMI

So what dve difference between the and the ? To get to these screens hold in the select button on the remote for 10 seconds then press the up directional key. This unit has a nice selection of ports available Mainboard Samsung manufactured the board and holding up to their normal standards the board is very high quality.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The docs also mention that they are designed to run cool and quite with an annual failure rate as low as.