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In terms of TV Tuning. However, there are still two files created during scheduled recordings the correct one and a second, now 16kb large file with the same name, but added to the name. I’ve had to reboot a couple of times when the software launched and the sound was missing, but the reboot solved the problem. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. So my grand advice in all of this: For that reason its only good for things under one hour. Further, it includes a clipping feature , allowing the user to define how the recorded program will be viewed; TV set, TV set Wide screen, etc.

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For the money I paid it looks not that someone has really taken care of the experience the customer gets out of the box. The remote should now work! I rebooted just to be on the safe side. Software install is as easy as other software to install.

There is nothing more annoying when the framerate falls and falls to “an unknown value” instead of informing you, that this cpu cannot handle the recording I prefer or can handle only a recording with particular settings.

So the app tries to start the recording again although its already running iCal integration???? The software can be automatically setup by answering a few basic questions, entering your zip code, and the like.


: MIGLIA TECH AlchemyTV DVR w/ Remote (Mac): Electronics

Customers also shopped for. I didn’t have these problems when I bought the card and it began suddenly, probably after a software update, but I don’t know what caused this. In general the documentation is extremely rudimentary anyway, also for the plugins.

As I mentioned, I’ve been in touch with them before, and they’ve always been very responsive. The card can start up a Mac, wake it from sleep, or just start recording. The scheduling software has other issues as well. I wonder if the PC world has this more under control, as they have a lot more choices and experience. Moreover, I found some wording for the software is kind of weird, not sure it is a typo or the way UK English is. But what is captured still plays successfully in quicktime usually.

Overall a really nice and helpful guy.

Technical Specification

It doesn’t do anything if you don’t have the Keyspan DMR. Why not just have the channel numbers agree with the actual channel numbers? But there is a workaround: I can honestly say a week ago I was a little unhappy with the device, and the DVR software.

I keep it running in a x window on my 23″ Cinema display. Red Sox on WGN. Have alchemjtv to sell? So I trashed the prefs and that seems to have fixed the startup problem but now it constantly wants to shutdown my computer after a recording which is really annoying. Get to Know Us.


Allchemytv I contacted the support team via e-mail and had a response within a couple of hours, not bad especially since this dvt in the evening outside normal office hours. As a Televio beta tester, I can see that the company is working hard on the software package. Regards, Rene Frej N. Looking forward to a manual sorting feature!

I do not have the time to look into it now, just thought I’d let you know. It’s just disappointing that what could have been a great product with better design is just an OK one. I have been using the 2.

I made sure that processor performance alchemytvv set to “Highest” in the energy saver control panel, and also made sure that the option to “Put hard-disks to sleep whenever possible” was not checked. Need to play around with the DVR functions and compression options at some point.