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I will be using SiSoft Sandra Standard ver. Who wants to underclock your memory! Though they did not contribute directly the information is freely available. Meaning an older video card could toast your mobo! I have had very few real problems with it. Also temperatures stay very nice.

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Up until this system I have always been an AMD guy. I do not recommend this though.

On the other hand, anyone wanting a system for gaming or overclocking, this would also be an excellent choice. Enough with the stock speeds lets see what happens to the tests when we apply a little overclocking goodness. Voltage is also adjustable from netwrk the BIOS. Who wants to underclock your memory!

Available in a large variety of models, the ASUS P4B Series motherboard provides reliable and powerful solutions for all types of Pentium 4 systems.

The P4B is an amazingly stable platform. Supports socket P4 processors up to 2. Overclocking with the P4B is really very easy. Approximately forty times faster than conventional USB 1. Thanks to Dinglehoser at Asua. There are 3 DDR dimm slots, which support up to a maximum of 4 banks of memory. The IDE connectors being on the edge of the board makes for a very clean installation, as far as wiring goes.


I have mine locked down at Links to this feature can be found at the end of this article. Asus calls this EZ Plug. I would like to thank a few of my peers for the invaluable information they have provided in making this article possible.

ASUS P4B, Socket , Intel (M8LE0UAYZ) Motherboard | eBay

Normal Vcore range is from 1. When the FSB is set to or above the available options are Auto, 1: I have had very few real problems with it. As some people are experiencing premature CPU Deaths after doing this. Robert Bailey October 8, 1 Comment. I will be using SiSoft Sandra Standard ver. Overall netdork operation is enhanced with a peak 2. Also temperatures stay very nice.

ASUS P4B533 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i845E Series

There is plenty of room for an aftermarket heatsink. As you can see the board is laid out very well.

There is an overvolt jumper on the board that will allow you to get more voltage. If you have 2 double-sided sticks of RAM you must install one of them in slot 1. I have had it faster but lack of stability was a factor. All ASUS motherboards are also backed by a 3-year limited warranty. The P4B is the most stable platform I have ever used.


While the iE chipset itself does not support anything above DDRthere should be no problem with PC or more. Meaning an older video card could toast your mobo!