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It includes a charger, belt clip and carrying case. It is extremely robust, powerful yet compact drill driver combo, which offers best level of comfort and functionality. In that respect, DS14DVF3, the dynamic drill driver offering from Hitachi stands tall as a competitive performer and durable choice for the professional DIY enthusiast. The GSBRE also has an option of pre-selecting the electronic speed before you start working, so that you are able to manage the machine properly without any hassles. The lock-on switch allows you to switch on the power tool and then move your fingers away from the trigger. A compact yet one of the most powerful hammer drill, the Bosch GBH is something every professional should have in their tool kit. Featuring a 13mm auto-locking chuck, changing bits in this compact drill driver takes no time whatsoever.

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Having a two year warranty and weighing less than 2. The 17 types of torque settings allow for drill bits of varying size to be used without hampering functionality. This jigsaw features a new 4-stage pendulum action which offers greater variability to the kind of sawing action that it can perform. Bosch GKS 85 mm Circular Saw V With a maximum cutting depth of 84mm, the watt GKS 85 circular saw from Bosch is not just a powerful tool to have in your collection, but it is also quite accurate and consistent when it comes to cutting.

As a result, the GSB RE offers a maximum drill depth of 22mm, 40mm and 16mm in masonry, wood and steel surfaces. Furthermore, the supplied XR charger comes with fast recharge time and thus only takes half an hour to get the batteries juiced up to full potential.

The single speed reverse and variable feature ensures handling ease, while the patented electronic cell protection guarantees a long run time and life span for the machine.

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Cutting Blade Size Inch 14 Inch: Combi drills like the DCKA from DeWalt are great for boring holes into wooden and plastic surfaces as well as screwing and unscrewing works. In that respect, this powerful cordless drill driver punches holes as deep as 50 mm in wood and 13mm in steel. When discharged, the provided quick charging unit fully charges the batteries within 45 minutes. The small grip circumference of the angle grinder offers fatigue free working and in tandem with the 2-position side handle giving the user maximum control in different grinding positions.


Its all metal gearing and replaceable carbon brushes present a high degree of working efficiency to the tool.

The power tool’s unique design gives it a well-balanced structure and the 2. As a multi-faceted tool that offers hammer, drill and screw driving functions, the DeWalt DCL1 14.4vll-3 top of the line features that enhance its applications to the fullest.

It also has a. With an ability to produce orbital speeds of rpm, this watt palm sander is ideal for any DIY job. It comes with 24 torque setting and a clutch override function to facilitate quick change of modes.

Motor Bosch GSR 14,4 V Li Gleichstrommotor () BSA on PopScreen

This impact energy is more than sufficient to punch holes into masonry, wood and even steel. The pack also includes a charging unit, 7-bit set, belt with 5 hook positions, and a carry case.

Now, while some might feel that this version of cordless impact driver without the batteries would be a bad investment, it is the actually the opposite. However, the Bosch GWS H is a professional grinder that has bearings which are dust sealed for increased longevity and efficiency.

Firstly, this is a cordless tool thus making it perfect for being used in overhead conditions and situations where working space is at a premium.

Thus, you can rely on the robustness of the GDR Given its 12mm drilling diameter and boscg impact force of 1 Joule, this hammer drill is the perfect tool choice for electricians and plumbers who more often than not have to contend with working in constricted and stuffy spaces.


The combi drill has features like 17 different torque settings for getting the accurate power required, two variables of speed and 13 mm keyless chuck; while the impact driver comes loaded with a maximum torque of Nm, varying speed and a quarter inch drive.

Don’t you hate it when your power tool dies on you without a warning? A W motor is ideal along with quality additions like an all-metal gearbox gwr this SDS drill combo the necessary momentum and muscle to drill into materials like masonry, wood and steel real fast.

Angle grinder motors tend to face a lot of working stress given the kind of the power they have to produce, and in that respect Bosch GWS18V-LI offers maximum motor life to an extent that you do not even need to replace brushes every now and then.

This smart storage and transport packaging case, from the house of Bosch, offers great convenience to the user. One of the many reasons why combi drills are preferred over normal drill drivers is because of their ability to bore holes into hard surfaces like concrete and brick.

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The fan cooler motor avoids over heating the drill. There is a fan cooling 14.4vli3 to avoid over heating of the motor. Combinational drills offer the versatility of a drilling tool along with the functional prowess of a high speed electrical screw-driver and in that respect the HD18PD from Milwaukee makes for a good addition to your tool kit bosxh the above reasons.

The drill draws its power from a two 1. Its side handle has a stablizing effect for safe working at high torque levels. I love my DeWalt 18v xrp.