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You can use the defaults for everything. Hi, i get the error message in section 3, no matter which version of the driver i use. So to try and explain: This demonstration utilises Microsoft Windows 8 as the Operating System and OpenOffice to test the configured connection. The code above just demonstrates how we can build a connection to Domino server and read data out such as which tables and views are available in database. However, the example above seems to refer to a Windows 8 client machine running a Notes client. You may have to login and accept the legal agreement again.

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Hope this helps someone out there in the community! Do you have any suggestions on converting NotesSQL time column to date? Can someone point us in the right direction please? So to try and explain: Initialize Password ; else notesSession.

IBM developerWorks : IBM Lotus NotesSQL

Change the permissions of the OSRuntime database user For the OutSystems applications to be able to access the contrloador of the linked server in runtime you need to change the permissions of the OSRuntime database user. The device is not ready. Now we can spend many hours trawling google again for error and ‘Setup cannot locate a supported version’ errors, before finally giving up until the next release.


So… I really got crazy for this. Through an ODBC connection string? Disable the Lotus Domino Services to make sure they don’t start when you restart the machine you really need to this, otherwise the odbc connection will not work.

We currently do not know what are the exact permissions needed. It is really a detail one. I have tried all solutions that I found in internet, I have deleted and reinstalled NotesSQL, tried with another version, etc.

Using the new IBM ODBC Driver for Notes-Domino (formerly Lotus Notes SQL)

Learn how your comment data is processed. Notesql demonstration utilises Microsoft Windows 8 as the Operating System and OpenOffice to test the configured connection. Configure Lotus Domino Server.

I tried with German and it works. I read those solution but i use driver with sql server linked server not controaldor. Path seeting reboot doesn’t seem to be required, Windows 7 64bit Enterprise Add this to path variable or equivalent for your machine Looking forward to hearing from you. What a hard work! On my machine, this is what suddenly worked! Report is designed in crystal report 9 and i have window install on my system.


Please read Section 6.

It takes me 5 hours long to download, install, search for errors, fix them and configure this driver until it works. Even though you will not actually use the server.

How to access legacy data from Lotus Notes / Domino applications

Create one if you don’t have it. Traveler 9.

Without NotesSQL, all data is locked. You’ll have to login with an IBM login.

Dear Admin, Thanks for your post, its very useful. Two options came up as the most promising ones Using Interop to orchestrate the Lotus Notes Client or Windows 7 Professional 64 bit — Lotus Client: Now we try to connect to server from our application through OdbcConnection.

Setup cannot locate a supported version of the required Notes or Domino software. It is not available on the regular NotesSQL page.