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More common is using a USB 1 hub with your 2. If it is of intrest, it does indeed have two different speeds, 1. I have a 2. Now that we have USB 3. You can still, of course, plug in 1.

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Or, was I shortchanged? In the example ohst identifying whether or not one has USB 2. This is just an added information regarding the said issue.

Introduction of FAQ when purchasing FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-Series. – Fujitsu Estonia

How can I locate it on the PC? I posted a comment earlier that I have since discovered is mostly not correct. What is the problem? Or am I doing something else incorrectly? I have found out all my USB ports are 1. That you admit to, and correct a previous answer demands respect from me. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: But my ports are USB2 and they always worked fine. So what is the fastest easiest way to tell which ports are USB 2.

I have followed your instructions to find out if I have USB 2 on my 18month old computer running Vista. When you plug something in that might benefit from 2. In either case I would simply get a USB 2. It jogged the memory cells in my head. Enhanced means enhanced and that means 2.


Hi I have a slightly different issue — my laptop has only usb1. Ahgo, the typical troubleshooting is to delete in the device manager whatever is having trouble. I have a computer with 8 physical USB ports. As soon as the desktop loaded after the reinstallation, I plugged in my external hard drive and other USB 2.

Thank you for your aticle explaining how to check for USB 2. This model is targeting those users who would like to equip their PC systems with up-dated, reliable and high-yield components. I checked the specs of my machine, Acer Aspiremanufactured inand the Google search results showed that it has three USB 2.

Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller, list of drivers

Do it myself rather frequently. Poster Jim Jim at July 26, That is, if it has a red x or a yellow!. I think Simon is asking the same question I was going to ask.

Type or copy a large text file, maybe 2 or 3 Contdoller, on your flash drive to a differently univwrsal text file on your flash drive and note the elapsed time. Your email address will not be published.


If you plug a USB 2. Yet, when I plug in one device,a message appears suggesting conhroller device could work faster if plugged into an enhanced port, and offers 6 empty unused ports to use.

I have 8 usb ports, and according to you they must be 2.

I am happy to know that you have still been responding to questions about USB ports and devices. Leo, If all the USB ports are 2.