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The bezel has one small weak spot at the inside vertical edges, and when pushing in on the LCD screen from up top I can produce some ripples on the screen. In my original review, I concluded that a single-core U processor was equivalent to about a 1. With a score of , it is obvious that the D will not be playing the latest games. Fortunately, the drivers always seem to install automatically on the next reboot. Finally, the screen does have a built-in ambient light sensor that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. Viewing angles are a bit of a mixed story. Business notebooks are supposed to be the top-of-the-line laptops, with the highest build quality and top notch support.

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Dell Latitude D User Review

Laptops by Gordon Gottsegen 10 days ago. Everyone knows that an active laptop is such a small space could cause heat related failures, and Dell was aware of this as well. Just send it back within 30 days of purchase date in original packaging to receive money back. There is a little more feedback in the key-presses than my p or the nc, and Dell even managed to fit in a full-size keyboard in the 12″ frame. As with most laptop screens, the display can be twisted a little bit … but not 4d30 as much as other laptops I have encountered.

ULV processors are great for their lower power consumption, and for some reason a slightly more powerful ULV processor results in a much better battery life.


From left to right: The Dell Latitude D definitely managed to excel in all three categories. Driver quality seems to have improved too, as I no longer have issues connecting to networks immediately after resuming from standby or hibernate.

Is either a lot? But again, a 12″ ultraportable is not meant to be a photo-enthusiasts main rig. Text and graphics are very sharp, and the backlighting seems to be very even for all levels of brightness. Visit our network of sites: Should you buy a refurbished iPad?

Dell Latitude D430 with U7700 User Review

One does not need a lot of power for the general office tasks, which is what the D is marketed for. Automatically send old files to OneDrive by Matt Elliott. Right side latiutde large image.

Many readers will wonder how a Automatically send old files to OneDrive PC space saver: Fortunately, the drivers always seem to install automatically on the next reboot. At the brightest level, you can easily read the screen from any non-outdoor environment.

My old D and new D had the same exact specifications, except that the U is now available in the D The U is the whole reason for this review. While the dual-core version does sometimes get a little hotter, there is a noticeable improvement in battery life and speed that I am glad to see in this model.

It is fairly high pitched because the fan is physically smaller, and you are going to notice it.


However, Windows loads fast enough a little less than a minute for me and I do not notice slowdowns during any of my usual activities. If you want to see a 12″ screen for yourself, head to a local store that carries notebooks and try to find any 12″ notebook there. Pictures comparing the D to an HP p are shown below. One concern I am sure users will have is the power button on the side of the notebook.

SuperPI and wPrime are programs that are useful in testing the computational abilities of processors, but wPrime is not as useful for single core processors.

For delivery times, costs, and estimates, use shipping calculator in cart and at checkout. Power users that need faster processors will not want this notebook…nor will anyone who despises the add-on DVD drive.

But they do work, and work well, while the U is stressing the system. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology.

Head on, the screen itself is very high quality. While it does function well enough to emit the occasional “You have mail” sound clip or make the “Windows prompt” beep, that is all it is good for.

This is where you get the pay off for the trade off!