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After setting the properties, click OK. For safety, please follow the instructions and handle the machine as indicated. Sign in for more lists. You can install the printer software using the typical or custom method. Number Of Copies After selecting the components, the following window appears.

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Setting Up a Network-Connected Machine You have to set up the network protocols on the machine to use it as your network printer.

The affordable, all- in- one multifunctional solution. Redialing The Last Number Scanning To Ds,520pf Flash Drive After printing the file, the display asks if you want to print another job.

DSm 520pfl/520pf

Deleting A Watermark Setting The Machine Setup Tab Tips For Avoiding Paper Jams Make sure that your machine and computer are turned on and properly connected to each other. Check Print Page Border to print a border around each page on the sheet.

Scanning Using The Smarthru You can adjust the brightness. Uninstalling The Mfp Driver Direct Print option supports: Sending A Fax Automatically Page Unopened paper in sealed reams can remain stable for several months before use.


After you load paper, you need to set up your machine for the paper type and size you loaded. Changing Numbers Or Names If you use SmarThru, you must initiate the scan procedure from the computer.

Page Windows Problems The machine d send. Using An Existing Watermark Loading A Document Understanding Component Locations These are the main components of your machine: At this stage, the toner cartridges needs to be replaced.

Insert and slide the paper tray back into the machine. Using Usb Flash Drive About USB Flash Drives USB flash drives are available with various memory capacities to give you enough room aicio store documents, presentations, downloaded music and videos, high resolution photographs, or whatever other files you want to take with you.

Gestetner DSm520pf User Manual

Page To change the print settings from your software application, access printer properties. Open the ADF cover.

Paper overloading may cause paper jams. You can uninstall the item you want using the Windows uninstallShield.



Allows you to scan an image, preview it, and send it to the OCR program for text recognition. Printing A Network Configuration Page Click the Extras tab. Follow the on-screen instructions to edit the picture acicio it is copied to your computer.

Printing a Document in Windows The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. Not The one-touch or dsm250pf Dial the number manually using Assigned dial location you tried to the number keypad or assign the use has no number number. Paper Tab Paper Tab Use the following options for paper handling.