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For this reason, they can work for a long time and tend to become obsolete before they actually stop working. Risky and rigid; router section often lacking; impossible to upgrade. Used modems might come with a little higher risk, depending on the previous owners, since the item might have been abused, or the owner didn’t deactivate it with their account in which case you’ll have to get on the phone with the provider to solve that before you can activate it on your account. Generally, however, if you have a small office, it’s best to get a separate modem and a router. Which is how all modems should be made. I plugged this cable modem in, went to their online activation website make sure to select the CGD Netgear modem in the drop-down box, no CGDv2 was there , entered my account info and it said it was going to activate, which I laughed at. Purchased a HD antenna for local stations.

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Remove your current cable modem.

It showed up today opened box connected cables from old modem firstthen plugged the power in. I logged in and then the Comcast server added the modem to it’s system. The router menu was very jodem and easy to navigate My connection does slow down often and twice it disconnected though it showed a good status on the settings tab.


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Here’s how to make it work along with a word of caution. No phone call was needed. Upgraded from the SB after it started Modems are generally very simple devices and work the same. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

MDC# / A8A | Gateway MDC#/A8A D40 56K Laptop Modem

I was having issues getting a wifi signal throughout my square foot home and out in the yard utilizing the Motorola Surfboard Gateway, of which I have had several models over the years.

First time ever no phone calls required to the evil empire.

Modem boots in 30 seconds or less. My download speeds were maxed out at 15 mega-bits on the old modem. Motorola has a winner here.

Everything you need to ,odem about Wi-Fi systems Home networking: What’s more, most routers on the market have more settings and features than the router part of a combo device. When the globe stays My favorite feature is the ability to turn the wifi off for periods of time.

The “rental” is old and its actually not worth “renting”. Now I get the full 25 mega-bits. This modem was a black Friday purchase.

Quick to get it up and running with Comcast’s online activation. Upgraded from the SB Moem the way, this modem will allow you to use Majic Jack for your phone.


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It doesn’t hurt to get a highly capable modem, either, if the price is good. Below are some pros and cons. Instead, you should use that money to buy a power surge protector for your home-network devices since lighting and power surges are the two most common causes of damage for this type of equipment. I’ve logged an issue with Motorola, presumably this gatway can be easily corrected with a firmware update.

Cable modems are simple devices, and once set up, they remain in one place. This was installed in a condo with heavy 2. In order to connect more devices in a home — many of them are Wi-Fi devices, like your tablets or your laptops — you also need a Wi-Fi router. On the market, refurbished modems cost as little as two-thirds of the price of the gatewzy unit.

I was already at the maximum upload speed, so that did not change. Faircloth TX United States.