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Articles containing Scottish Gaelic-language text Articles containing Irish-language text Articles containing Welsh-language text Articles containing Breton-language text Articles containing French-language text. To do this he called on Fergus mac Roigh, but escaped with the Sidhe woman. Languages taught as subject. The dust-coloured cuckoo calls aloud: In a culture where magic was seen as heavily oral in nature, it may also be that he gained their magical powers for himself.

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Early February is nehwork a pleasant time for travel being cold and wetand there are no surviving records of big feasts or fairs at Imbolc. Another intriguing aspect of Scottish lore is the habit of carving a log into the shape of an old woman, the cailleach-nollag, and then burning it. Celtic-language television channels are available in any countries, worlds, places, etc. Views Read Edit View history.

New Gaelic nature resource for schools | Scottish Rural Network

If you have a favourite animal, you could mark some event in their life cycle such as the breeding season, the time when their young are born, etc. Close to dying from a wasting illness himself, Oengus ndtwork to transform himself into a swan that he might be with his lady love.

King Aillil and his mistress engaged is some suitably licentious behaviour at Beltane. We must again bear in mind that most of these myths were being committed netwrok writing in the 9th to 12th centuries, and it may be argued that the medieval notion as to what a festival was about is not necessarily an accurate reflection of how people years beforehand saw those same celebrations.


Pre-service and In-service education for teachers teaching in immersion settings. Availability and quality is reasonable. Those warriors who have been wintering with families now return to their nomadic life in forests and fields.

List of television channels in Celtic languages

On Samhain, King Ailill offered rewards to anyone brave enough to put betwork wicker band around the foot of a hanging corpse. A few days prior to the winter solstice, nnetwork 18th December, the Romans held a festival called the Eponalia. Many people must have breathed a sigh of relief to have fresh milk and meat again. Seven other Druids objected to what he was doing, so he cut their tongues out and buried them in the hill. Languages Gaelg Edit links. Many statues were taken out of the temples and cleaned.

A cynic might note that the fact that a man willingly changes himself to please a woman proves that this is a myth!

Keep notes as to what you did and why and the outcomeso that you can refer back to it in future. There do not appear to be any accounts of myths or gatherings taking place at either of the two equinoxes.

Lesson Eight ~ The Four Major Gaelic Festivals – The Druid Network

No sooner was this problem dealt with, than the old man complained of three female werewolves who also appeared out of the cave and mangled the local sheep population. Gaelic, English hours per week. At the moment, the jury still seems to be out as to the likelihood of that.

If they were unaware of the original purpose of the mounds, then they might well have conceived of this as a festival of land-spirits, rather than of the returning dead though, netork course, those two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Quality of the teaching material. A more prominent goddess, Macha, who died as the result of being goaded into a foot race by her idiotic husband, was also honoured with a fair or oenach at this time. Presumably this act of divination comes from Pagan sources, though whether Celtic or Norse is unclear.


The Sidhe, eager for vengeance, created a magical yew tree. A ntwork of the Sidhe called Aillen mac Midgna stalks out of the hill of Finnachaid and casts a sleep-spell over the inhabitants of Tara using a musical instrument.

In Entwork this festival is called Calen Maiand is associated with several myths. It might be conjectured that, despite the physical harshness of winter, that season was not perceived in a negative manner at all, but seen as a time of release.

New Gaelic nature resource for schools

The battles in Samhain myths might just reflect the desire of hardened fighters to have one last good punch-up before sheathing their swords for the winter holidays. Wars start up again. In other stories of Fionn the mounds of the Sidhe, which archaeologists have netwwork since shown to be burial chambers from the Bronze Age and earlier, were revealed to human eyes. Yet nettwork destruction of the gruesome children of Domnu suggests a theme of liberation, of throwing off unfair or oppressive forces.