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In addition, GL supports both individual and gang mode and is available in types of packages to fulfill different designs. So lets open it up. March 3, at 9: If you hub stays USB2. Thank you for this tecnical tip. When I connect anything USB 3. Good news, sort of — since Genesys Logic products seem to be fairly decent nowadays , but early on in the USB 1.

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Self-powered and even low-power devices like USB 3. Since the GenesysLogic usb3. May 28, at 4: Therefore from consumer point of view, it is best to keep this toy as is and to buy a branded and reliable USB 3. The plastic shell is held together screwless and gluelessly by internal plastic pins.

But now more USB 3. Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3. If you are smart and quick, just request full refund from the Genesyss shop that you got it from.

It does have a backfeed prevention diode, which is good, and it does work with my USB 3. I’m affraid to say who I am says: At first I thought the old driver caused the hub to enumerate on the wrong controller, but after reading your explanation about the HW appearing as two separate hubs, I realized it simply mapped as a USB2 hub on the USB2 hub tree of the same Renesas controller to which it was hooked up.


In addition to USB 3. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardware genewys, new stufftesting. December 4, at This would be expected since USB 2.

Name Stefan Tauschek Email stefan. Notably absent are any polyfuses or current measuring shunts — so there is no port over-power protection by the looks of it. You can clearly see the extra 5 pins on the connectors, and you can also see the 5 pins soldered on the PCB.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB Hub from eBay | Gough’s Tech Zone

But there is an external power backflow prevention diode, and what appears to be a transistor to switch between bus and external power. Genesye hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. Hubs can also have an impact on the performance of your older USB 1. So it becomes usb 2.

Genesys Logic GL Rev 2.x HUB USB Firmware Version

It turned out I had an ancient Renesas 3. But there was always one gnesys nagging me — while USB 3. GL has built-in 5V to 3. Such hub and such problem. The physical construction feels appropriate for the price, although the soldering could do with some help.


A separate controller means a separate USB 3.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

It could be the case that the crystal oscillator responsible for the signal timing is out of specification or very close hhb the limitscausing the issue, or otherwise the extra USB 3. December 4, at 6: Good news, sort of — since Genesys Logic products seem to be fairly decent nowadaysbut early on in the USB 1.

Aside from that, there were a few small solder splashes, but I removed the loose solder by bub before taking the photo. The hub shown in the original blog post has USB 3.

If you have the flash, then there is a leaked firmware upgrade tool, which may fix the problem. March 15, at 5: