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Gero, i graphics card and screen messed up rather than just frozen suggests bug , not this bug. Package Find… Status Importance Invalid. This installer installs the most recent drivers for the kernel of the selected system. Sign up using Facebook. He works very well. This allows the remote X client to receive fully hardware accelerated rendering via the GLX protocol; This development is necessary for OpenGL transparency managers such as Compiz and Beryl to work with hardware acceleration. The Intel graphics driver is part of the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver package, which is installed on all Ubuntu systems by default.

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I’m afraid this is something you have to just do, to learn.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Since I correctly wrote all the sections of the configuration file, after rebooting the computer, I loaded everything normally. To do this, execute the echo “deb https: Nic ntetreau wrote on Go to the article feed. I’ve generated a bug report with the patch at freedesktop.

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Hrm, Stefan mentioned he committed this patch but I can’t seem to corpodation the commit in the hardy git tree. Make sure that no other fglrx drivers are installed. If some dependencies are not satisfied, the manager will offer to install the missing packages, delete the irrelevant and conflicting ones. I suggest the following:.


I’ll have them take a look. Start with a new xorg.

[ubuntu] low screen resolution with intel 82Q/Q graphics

I checked on Ubuntu Third – your computer lntel laptop allows you to switch from one video card to another. Check which driver is used in the system by running lspci -k. Therefore, I want to suggest another method. The logs are not from after the crash.

Install The Latest Intel Graphics Driver in Ubuntu – Tips on Ubuntu

For AMD Radeon systems: Toys and everything that requires rendering more or less normally works. Here in this case, ubunty drivers from Intel you do not screw. In either case, renaming xorg.

First all seems to 82q693/q965 well but after a couple of IcemCFD-operations mouse and keyboard input don’t work, the screen is messed up and you need a hard reboot. To trigger this bug, run a dual-head cloned mode configuration which uses the i drm, then execute an opengl application which synchronizes buffer swaps against the vertical sync interrupt.

Run apt-get install nvidia nvidia-prime nvidia-settings. This information was last pulled 18 hours ago. So Ijtel felt that any latency impact from interrupt blockage in these cases should be negligible and thus I didn’t really look for a different potentially more complex solution.


Graphics Drivers for Linux*

When more than one of them is running and the windows are moved fast on the screen one over the other, sooner or later the system crashes most of the time. This spin lock is only ever taken for very short reasonably deterministic, non-blocking intervals in the DRM code as part of taking a much heavier-weight lock.

Dims Sorry but this is almost 4 years old, and I no longer use Ubuntu, so I don’t remember. For AMD and Nvidia, you need to add sections.

I’ll nudge the kernel team to take a look again. Hmm, the syslog output doesn’t seem to have an error message either. Daniel Hahler blueyed wrote on Considering all this, I put the xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-wily driver from the standard ubuntu Those sections that were not, I just added to the file.

Some sections are settings for known games.