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Be certain not to bend the pins. Which version of TunerStudio are you using? The Megasquirt serial port. Find More Posts by Bond. Originally Posted by Reverant.

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MegaSquirt-II Spare Port Configuration

Ensuring there megasuqirt no shorts underneath the board, re-connect your serial cable and apply power. Almost all reported user problems are actually a computer setup problem, so follow these steps to get your settings right.

Select the port as above i. Have you disconnected the stock TPS? Be sure to have TunerStudio installed. Getting correct serial communications between your computer and Megasquirt is critical to enable tuning. As supplied, most Megasquirt-2 in kit form are supplied ‘blank’ without firmware loaded. When done, turn off power, re-install CPU and re-install case.

Sure you’ve downloaded podt correct drivers for windows? This test is performed on the serial plug, not possible if your Megasquirt has USB plug only. Whatever you type into the top window should appear in the lower window. Alternative for Windows Right-click and save portcheck.


Send a private message to Faeflora.

Select the Device Manager from the mmegasquirt at the left. Open an existing project or if necessary, create a new project.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Serial diagnostics In all of these tests, we will use the ‘Miniterminal’ found on the Communications menu of TunerStudio. Computer DB9 serial port. There cim several ways to do this, and you may have a preferred way. So im not sure where im going wrong but whenever i go to test my serial port the test fails.

So now, either I look like an idiot, or you do. If that is ok, there might be something wrong on the Megasquirt end of things – perhaps you made an assembly error with the MAX ST chip or associated capacitors – check for poor soldering or bridged traces.

For megasqyirt two windows 7 machines i used the following adapters: Any characters you type into the top window should be quite literaly “looped pot to the bottom window. Take a note of the COM port number listed above.


Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA)

So before you get into a panic, go through steps here to establish the correct COM port, then load the firmware to your MS2. Find More Posts by Bond. Send a private message to Reverant. This test can only be performed if firmware has already been loaded.

Find More Posts by Oni. Double check the COM port and baud rate. Make sure it’s plugged into the port that it’s trying to read. Be certain not to bend the pins. In this case it was COM1.

Ensure your Megasquirt is powered and connected to your computer.