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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. He reported repeated instances of external drive corruption. I suspect there is but just not mentioned. I also used the non-RAID driver, but never tried it with Perhaps it’s early versions of the MBP that have trouble, as most other people seem to be fine.

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Memtest also reports no problems. My kernel panic is as follows: I installed the Sonnet Tempo 1.

These drives include but are not limited to: I also used psync to backup my boot xxpress. That’s one reason to run a 32bit kernel and you can still use 64bit apps. I’m using a first-gen MBP 1. Although OS X Leopard You must not use the file without prefix, that one is only for the PC’s with a motherboard having a SiI chip inside.

Are Expresscard ports ‘universal’, in other words, do I have to look for certain ones that can be used on my MacBook Pro? The enclosure seems to be first rate. I asked for more details just for the record including driver version and ext.


Yes, my password is: I can’t even cause a KP if I try: I can say that I certainly do. Then I will start using them and after a month or so, the problem re-appears. I may mirror at some point, but have no need yet, and frankly, am just not that brave yet with this card as it concerns my data.

VelociRaptor ‘External’ HD

The above results were with an OS X I ended up getting the generic driver from SiL, I assume he means 1. Reformatted – no help The boot time was really eswta and the only drawback was the SSD drive did get a little warm. I check the USB it is gets me about Intel Architecture Day. I would really like to see an external 2.

Merax esata xpress driver

No crc errors to be found with usb2. It does not matter whether you plug it in or out again- it will not show up again until reboot. esat

There is a tab to update the firmware, it is very easy. I haven’t heard anything good about eszta “Freeagent” drives, not in conjunction with Macs.


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I’m guessing this card is Sil chip based. My hope is that the next Mac OS version that I install most likely snow leopardwill be able to handle hot swapping the card.

Mon Nov 24 Whether or not your external will is a different story. Also, I think Velociraptors need 12 volt power, so you won’t be able to use it in most 2. I can sleep my Mac book 2.

I got a LaCie 2d quadra with the same xprees, but I use the Firewire only See this page for details on my tests on Sept.