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This is a maintenance update of Electric Keys. This program updates the UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid firmware to version 1. This download contains the Symphonic Instrument sound library in the form of a. Please refer to the installer Read Me for changes and complete system requirements. This update is strongly recommended for all BPM 1. Set the clock source to Internal if there are no digital devices connected to your interface’s digpital inputs.

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Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart. Enable the inputs you wish to use and assign the output sources you also wish to use to “From Computer. This installer version 4.

– Using the PCI ASIO driver and the Wave driver at the same time

Before installing, download and install the iLok Driver update see link below; install appropriate x32 or x64 drivers. Consult Cakewalk for recommendations as to which driver to use with your setup. Windows Vista bitWindows Vista bit. It is not compatible with Traveler mk3s. Supported MOTU products include: Supported MOTU products include: Use this install if waev are using one of the supported interfaces below, and are running OSX This will require a restart of the application.


Please refer to the 2.

Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications – Part 1

Consult the Sonar manual for further information about creating and assigning audio tracks. Windows Vista bitWindows 7 bit. The archive also contains additional documentation to supplement the audio interface User Guide. Cakewalk audio programs have always supported legacy wave audio MME. Use this installer if you are using Mac OS X To determine which firmware version is currently installed on your mk3, look at the front panel LCD while the interface boots or check the mk3 tab of the Pcii Audio Console ;ci.

This installer updates an original UltraLite to firmware version 1.

– Downloads

This program kotu the Audio Express firmware to version 1. Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. And the Oscar goes to And the Oscar goes to This installer updates a Traveler mk3 to firmware version 1.

This firmware is compatible only with original UltraLites. Here are basic instructions to help get you started with Cakewalk software, such as Sonar, using MOTU audio interfaces. From big screen to home studio: This is the installer for Digital Performer 9.


Windows MEWindows This program updates the Track16 firmware to version 1. In this window you should also choose the Sample Rate of the File you are about to record. This installer updates an mk3 to firmware version 1. This update includes an arpeggiator, enhanced loop slicing, compatibility with Windows 7, native bit versions for Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and more.

Please refer to the installer Read Me for changes and complete system requirements. This is a maintenance update of Ethno Instrument.